3:47 PM

Amrita Rao On Facebook!

Sweet and cute bollywood actress Amrita Rao is the latest Indian actor that has joined Facebook! Amrita had stated that in a way she was forced to join Facebook. Someone had made a fake account with her name and was telling the fans that she was in a relationship with prince when she wasn't so she was forced to take the desesion of joing Facebook so she could tell her fans the real truth not what some person is making up being the computer.

Amrita is also very choosy in picking her friends , she says she doesn't want to make friends with people who are very rude and don't seem to be kind! she will delete any person from her friends list who is misbhaving with her on net!

She says that being on Facebook is really fun! but on the other hand it could be a very hectic because you have to accept such a huge amount of friend requests that it gets out of control, and you notification, Inbox get full so it take some time to emtey them out!