3:58 PM

Anushka Mad!

Anushka Shara has been really mad! since we all know that Yash Raj Films had signed a contract with Anushka Sharma that she has to complete 3 films with them until she can sign any other film with a director !

Anushka had told the director for her second film with Yash Raj Films oppisite Shahid Kapoor that " I want to finish this move as soon as possible. I really want to do my third film with Yash Raj Films and then sign other films with other production houses."

Well wow that is all i can say Anushka is really very restless and wants to be done with Yash Raj Films.

3:47 PM

Amrita Rao On Facebook!

Sweet and cute bollywood actress Amrita Rao is the latest Indian actor that has joined Facebook! Amrita had stated that in a way she was forced to join Facebook. Someone had made a fake account with her name and was telling the fans that she was in a relationship with prince when she wasn't so she was forced to take the desesion of joing Facebook so she could tell her fans the real truth not what some person is making up being the computer.

Amrita is also very choosy in picking her friends , she says she doesn't want to make friends with people who are very rude and don't seem to be kind! she will delete any person from her friends list who is misbhaving with her on net!

She says that being on Facebook is really fun! but on the other hand it could be a very hectic because you have to accept such a huge amount of friend requests that it gets out of control, and you notification, Inbox get full so it take some time to emtey them out!

10:28 PM

Kites Will Set Records!

it has been said that Rakesh Roshans movie tittled "Kites" starring Hrithk Roshan and Barbar Mouri oppisite each other will set records for decades. Our source has told us that " Kites" is movies that the indian audience has been waiting for a very long time. A movie like this is somthing that always leaves it's marks for example Dil Wale Dulhaniyan Legange, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai. These were all decade movies the next one will be Kites. now i think Sonam is wishing that she should have just tooken the movie and should have not rejected Rakesh ji at that moment and that is why Elders always say think twice before taking a step! Well i guess no one told that phrase to Sonam or she wouldn't have been regreting right now!

10:19 PM

Piggy Chops Famous On Twitter!

Our very own Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) has been on twitter! and becomes more followed day by day! she has gotten over 100 000 people following her and more to come! This is a very good marketing stunt for Priyanka to play at this moment since her movie Kaminey is right on the hook of releasing this twitter can make a big difference i am sure her producers are very proud of her. She has also held a contest where she asks questions and who ever answers the question she asked correctly gets a free CD of her comming up movie Kaminey. All I have to say is that our Piggy Chop has grown up now and knows how to wisely make smart moves!

10:08 PM

Bipasha Hosting Khans Show!

Mumbai: " Shahrukh Khan's" Red Chillies Entertainment production house is producing an English American based reality show in India. The production house has signed a contract with our very own Bips Basu for this as the host of the reality show!

The show will set from next month. It is based on the American show called "America's Next Top Model". A source has told us that the show will have a lot of women to participate who will fight for the precious title of the :Best Model" to get a chance to start their career in the bollywood modeling industry. Littlechanges will be made in the reality show as it is to the Indian audiences and the show will be named "The Female Model Hunt".

The source continued to say that this reality show in America is very popular and has gotten there TRP;s very high we wish for the same here in India. In America the host of the reality show was the super hot top model Tyra Banks! .

In our own India we will be getting to see our own Bipasha Basu as the host of The Femal Model Hunt!

Also according to the sources, the reality show will have around 9 to 13 episodes and will start with 10-14 contestants. In each episode, one contestant will be tooken out. The judges haven't been annouced yet but as soon as they do we will tell you guys but they will surely be from the modeling careers!